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About Me.

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I'm Stacy Sanchez, owner and founder of Havilah Parenting. I was inspired to start this business because the brief time spent with a Lactation Consultant at birth in the hospital isn't enough to ensure feeding plan success. Meeting people in the comfort of their own home has been a beautiful and effective way to support breastfeeding families. 

I offer In-Home and Telemedicine appointments so that you can get care on your schedule without having to leave your home. First appointments are usually 60-90 minutes.

Being a parent is a hard job, and everyone wants to tell you how to do it. Your family is unique and has its own needs that are unlike anyone else's. You were created to be an individual, and I want to help you break through the noise of social media perfection and help you find yourself in your new identity as a parent. If nobody told you you're a good parent yet, I want you to know that I think you're amazing because you took the time to read this information.

                                                  GO YOU!!!

I have four of my own children and helped raise my four brothers and sisters. I have been a RN since 2010 and an IBCLC since 2015. It is my joy to help families bond and find happiness in the small experiences in life. 

I am a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician, and I provide complementary car seat education at all appointments.

I am a Safe Sleep Educator.

I am an advocate for YOUR baby's feeding plan.

Parent Experiences

“Today, God sent me an angel! I was really struggling with breastfeeding and normalizing my days with a routine for my baby. As a new mom, you have so many questions. It's so easy to think you're alone and that you're the problem. The truth is that even as adults, you have to learn new things! Stacey is truly amazing! She's kind, patient, and knowledgeable! She showed me everything that I was doing wrong while commending me on the things that I was doing right. By the end of our session, I felt prepared to conquer motherhood head on! Not only did I now have the correct flange size, I knew how to strap my newborn into her carseat, breastfeeding terminology, and how to increase my milk supply. Stacey saved me from myself! This lactation consultant is priceless!! She was even willing to work with me despite of the fact that my insurance was not covering my session!"

B. G., Illinois

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